Rent to Own FAQ – Can Rent to Own work with bad credit, bankruptcy or consumer proposal?

Bruised credit is by far the most common obstacle we see for clients in obtaining traditional mortgage financing, and also the most common reason people look to rent to own as a solution. Along these lines, we are often asked 3 things:

  1. Can you work with any credit score?
  2. What about bankruptcy?
  3. And how about consumer proposal?

The answer to all 3 questions is yes.

If credit is an issue we will structure the program to allow enough time to improve credit to the level required to get bank financing.

In the case of bankruptcy, we simply require that the applicant be discharged before entering the program.

Similar to credit issues, we can still work with clients on consumer proposal and structure our program to provide enough time.

In each of these instances, time and some credit work will help clients qualify for mortgage financing in the future, but rent to own can help them get into a home of their own today.

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