Rent to Own FAQ – Introduction for Brokers & Realtors

Rent to Own is becoming more and more popular as a mortgage alternative for people who can’t qualify for a regular mortgage but who still have a strong desire to reap the benefits of home ownership. As an alternative to the more traditional method of financing a home purchase, we naturally get a lot of questions about Rent to Own. Often times people start off by saying “maybe this is a stupid question but…”

Usually these questions aren’t stupid at all. In fact, they’re often great questions and more often than not they are the exact same questions other mortgage brokers and Realtors are asking. Since we get many of the same questions over and over again, we’ve put together a video series to provide some free education for real estate professionals on these frequently asked Rent to Own questions.

You can find answers to many FAQs from the perspective of the client (tenant-buyer) or investor, but this series specifically covers the questions most commonly asked by mortgage brokers and Realtors.

You can follow this series through our blog, or visit the YouTube playlist here:

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