Client Testimonial Video from Kadim & Suzan

Suzan & Kadim worked with Ownership Solutions well in advance of their relocation to Ontario. After Kadim retired they decided they wanted to move to London, ON and began to research options well in advance.

Most of our clients are unable to qualify for a mortgage due to credit trouble, but this case was unique. Kadim & Suzan had great credit but already owned a home in Winnipeg which they had sold on a rent to own basis. Unfortunately that meant they were still on title (and the mortgage) for their home back in Winnipeg and that prevented them from getting another mortgage to purchase a home here in Ontario.

Seeing the benefits of rent to own at work with the sale of their own home they decided to see if the same type of strategy could work for them. They were used to living in a custom home and have 3 children so they wanted something more than the typical rental options available. They wanted something really nice and our Homeowner Prep Program allowed them to get exactly that.

Through our program they were able to shop with a local Realtor to find the right home for their family. We were able to get them into a nearly brand new home with enough space to suit their family and all the features they were looking for in a place of their own. 

Best of all we got prior approval from the funding partner to allow them to finish the basement for use as an at-home daycare which allows Suzan to enjoy her passion for working with children and the extra income it would provide. 

We know Kadim & Suzan will once again succeed with home ownership and were glad to work with them to get their family into a great home while they wait for the sale of their Winnipeg home to be completed. 

Kadim & Suzan got their keys on a lovely summer day and started making the home their own with a fresh coat of paint and some minor renovations. At closing they agreed to a brief video testimonial to share a few comments on their experience of working with Ownership Solutions.

(We apologize again for the wind noise, but the content is what counts)

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