Jan 26th Event: The Secrets of Win-Win Rent to Own Investing


Andrew C. MacDonald, President of Ownership Solutions will be speaking at the Thornhill Wealth Forum on January 26th, 2013. We’d like to invite you to see Andrew’s presentation and learn more about Rent to Own. In this presentation he will be covering the following:

  • What Rent to Own Is
  • The 3 Major Types of Rent to Own
  • The Benefits and Drawbacks of Rent to Own Investing
  • How You Can Safely Earn Double Digit Returns
  • Real Life Rent to Own Examples
  • How to Attract and Qualify Rent to Own Tenant-Buyers
  • Planning for a Successful Exit Strategy
  • How to Properly Structure the Legal Agreements
  • The Importance of the “Win-Win” Philosophy
  • 2 Ways and 2 Resources You Can Use to Get Started Today

If you are interested in boosting your cash flow or making your real estate investments more passive, you won’t want to miss this meeting.

Admission is $10, and you can see more details about the meeting and RSVP online at: http://www.thornhillwealthforum.com/next-meeting.html

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