The Ideal HPP Client

At Ownership Solutions we want to work with people who already have a homeowner mindset. Our Homeowner Prep Program (HPP) is ideal for anyone who:

  • Is eager and motivated to become a homeowner.
  • Understands the benefits of equity appreciation, mortgage pay down, and the pride that homeownership provides.
  • Is tired of spending hard earned money on rent which makes their landlord rich.
  • Understands that real estate is one of the best ways to begin building their wealth.
  • AND who has had trouble obtaining traditional mortgage financing.

Most commonly, the main obstacle for our clients is obtaining a mortgage because they currently do not meet lender requirements. Through our Homeowner Prep Program, we offer our clients an alternative for home ownership and provide enough time to build the credit and equity required to successfully purchase their home at the end of the rent-to-own term.

How the Homeowner Prep Program Works

The Homeowner Prep Program allows you to begin investing in homeownership today and is designed to help you strengthen your financial position so that you can qualify for a mortgage in the future. Through your participation in our HPP we help you:

  • Establish or repair your credit
  • Build a large enough down payment to purchase the home at the end of your term

Homeowner Prep Program Requirements

While we do not have the same strict qualification requirements as the banks, we do have some basic requirements for participation in our program:

  • Minimum down payment of $10,000 (exact amount depends on your home’s purchase price)
  • Minimum gross household income of $50,000 per year (exact amount depends on your home’s purchase price)
  • Any credit score

Developing the Homeowner Mindset

Our Homeowner Prep Program is designed to put you in a position to officially become a homeowner. The program develops the homeowner mindset as you work at:

  •    Improving your credit
  •    Being financially responsible
  •    Saving your money every month, and
  •    Making sure you stay on track with your Homeowner Prep Plan!

Within a short time you will become a homeowner, but more importantly you will build wealth and equity in the process.

Click here to learn about the 3 Steps of the Homeowner Prep Program.