Refinance With HPP

Having trouble refinancing your home?

If you already own your home and you are having difficulty refinancing your home, our Homeowner Prep Program can work for you as well.

How it Works

If you have purchased a home within the last few years and are unable to refinance your mortgage to get access to the funds you need, Ownership Solutions Homeowner Prep Program can help you stay in your home and maintain your pride of ownership!

We will help you keep your home, keep your equity and most importantly help you repair your finances within a short period of time.

Our Homeowner Prep Program is also effective for people who are:

  • Unable to refinance their homes
  • Are in default because of refinancing issues

HPP Benefits:

  • Continue to grow your equity
  • Re-establish and repair your credit
  • Use your existing equity to pay off outstanding debts
  • Stop the calls from creditors and lenders
  • Stress RELIEF!

Get Started Today

Avoid the hassles of moving, going back to renting, and avoid further damage to your credit by using our Homeowner Prep Program which will work for situations like yours!

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