Did you know that less than 10% of Canadians are properly prepared for retirement?

Real Estate has become a proven investment here in Canada and is a preferred asset class of the wealthy. Why sit on the sidelines when you can take some very simple steps to secure steady cash flow for you and your family?

Did you know that by investing with Ownership Solutions you can earn cash flow and benefit from equity growth to help prepare for your retirement while helping others?

3 Investment Styles

At Ownership Solutions, we have experience in the following areas and help our investors with these same 3 styles of investing:

  1. Rent to Own Investing
  2. Buy & Hold Investing
  3. Private Mortgage Lending

To give you a better idea of which investment strategy may be most suitable to your objectives, here is a quick comparison chart:

  Rent to Own Investing Buy & Hold Investing Private Mortgage Lending
Minimum Investment $50,000 $50,000 $25,000
Typical Term 2-5 Years 5+ Years 1 year
Typical Annual Returns 15-25%+ 15-25%+ 10-15%
Suitable For Mid-Term Cash Flow Long Term Equity Growth Short-Term Cash Flow
Required Effort to Self-Manage Very Passive Relatively Passive Extremely Passive
Fully Managed Option Yes Yes Yes
Placement Time 45-180 Days 30-60 Days 7-30 Days
Mortgage Qualification Required Yes Yes No
Security Registered on Title as Owner Registered on Title as Owner Registered on Title as Mortgagee
Liquidity Low Low Medium
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 Note: typical annual returns are based on past performance and never guaranteed.

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