Mortgage Professionals

Ownership Solutions offers an innovative mortgage alternative for mortgage professionals who are passionate about helping their clients achieve home ownership! We setup win-win transactions that allow you to fund your dead leads and still earn 100bps or more on the full purchase price for each transaction.

Get 95% LTV Purchase Financing for Challenging Clients

With over 2,000 mortgage professionals in Ontario, why not differentiate yourself by offering your clients a strategy that no one else can?

What would it do for your business if you were able to provide 95% LTV purchase financing to clients with poor credit, no credit, who are BFS, or who face a combination of these challenges? How about 90% LTV refinances for the same type of clients?

As a mortgage professional you can use our program to take your dead leads that do not qualify with other lenders and turn them into profitable deals while helping your clients either achieve their dream of home ownership or stay in their current homes.

How You Can Bring Dead Deals Back to Life

If you are a mortgage professional, you have to understand our program. It is costing you and your clients money not to!

This Lending Product Matrix will help you quickly understand which of your clients may benefit from our Homeowner Prep Program, and how our lending product fits into your current lending lineup:

Lending Product Matrix

As long as clients have reasonable income and a small down payment, our Homeowner Prep Program provides them with a proven solution that can help them achieve home ownership even when the banks have said no due to:

  • Poor credit or no credit history
  • Bankruptcy
  • Consumer proposal
  • Self-employment
  • Insufficient down payment due to any of the above items

Our Homeowner Rescue Program can help clients keep their current home when they are falling behind or their current lender is not willing to renew.

With our Homeowner Prep Program or Homeowner Rescue Program, you can now help your clients:

  • Repair or establish their credit
  • Build equity
  • Qualify for a mortgage at the end of their term
  • Get into their dream home today rather than later!
  • Or, keep their existing home.

How You Can Get Paid 3x on Your Dead Leads

Helping your clients is your job, and it’s very important that you get paid for the hard work you do as a mortgage professional. When working with Ownership Solutions there are 3 ways you can be compensated:

  1. You will earn 100bps on the full purchase price
  2. We try to have our funding partner complete their mortgage for the transaction with you
  3. You will qualify your client and help them with their mortgage at the end of their term

Not only can you convert your dead leads to deals, you can potentially get paid more than double what you would on a standard mortgage deal for your client.

Getting Started: Free Resources for Mortgage Professionals


Resource #1:
One Page Overview for Mortgage Professionals

To help you understand what our program is all about and how we can provide a valuable alternative for your clients, check out this quick one page overview. Click here to view.

If you’re interested in learning more, please complete the form below to access the following resources:

Resource #2:
Program Guidelines for Mortgage Professionals

Just as you have rate sheets from your other lenders, we have a detailed set of program guidelines including our underwriting criteria so you can have a clear understanding on the requirements for our programs.


Resource #3:
Reference Manual for Mortgage Professionals

This manual provides full details on how our program works from the time you submit a client file to the time they get their keys to their new home.


Resource #4:
Presentation for Mortgage Professionals

After viewing the one pager, guidelines and reference manual you’ll have a good idea of how our program works, but this PowerPoint presentation will really put the pieces of the puzzle together on how we can work together to setup a win-win transaction to help you earn 100bps while helping your clients achieve home ownership (or stay in their home).


Resource #5:
One Page Overview for Clients

Our client overview is a quick one page PDF designed to explain to clients how we can assist with financing even if they are unable to qualify for a mortgage today. It outlines the 3 steps of the process, the benefits of our programs, and a few great reasons to work with Ownership Solutions.


Resource #6:
Reference Guide for Clients

Just as our reference manual for mortgage professionals provided you with all the details you need to know, this guide for clients will do the same. In this guide we cover everything from the time their file is submitted to the time they get their keys, and even details on their exit from the program at the end of their term.


Resource #7:
Understanding Credit Reports & Scores Guide

For most of our clients, credit is an obstacle to qualifying for a mortgage today so we want them to have an excellent understanding of their own credit, how credit reports work, and what it’ll take for them to succeed. This guide from the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada does a great job explaining how credit works.


Resource #8:
Customizable Brochure for Clients

If you’re looking for print materials for your office, trade shows, or events we’ve got that covered. We have an informational brochure that we can customize with your contact details if you’d find this helpful.


Resource #9:
Frequently Asked and SHOULD Ask Questions

Companies often post a list of frequently asked questions which is great, but in the spirit of full transparency we’ve also put together a list of should ask questions. These are the questions you should be asking when it comes to lease purchase programs.

For access to these additional resources, please provide your basic info in the form below: