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3 Market Threats to Today's Mortgage Broker

3 Market Threats Every Mortgage Broker Should Know

Special 3 page report outlining the 3 market forces that pose a threat to every broker’s business. Discover the 3 market trends impacting your business and learn what you can do to get ahead of these trends and your competition.


Rent to Own 1010 Presentation

Rent to Own 101 Presentation

A short presentation to help you understand what our Homeowner Prep Program is all about, and how we can help you turn your dead leads into 80-100bps when other brokers can’t.


30 Second HPP Pre-Screen Cheat Sheet

30 Second Pre-Screen Cheat Sheet

This quick one pager will give you everything you need to pre-screen your dead leads in 30 seconds or less. Yes, it’s that simple.


HPP Guidelines

Homeowner Prep Program (HPP) Guidelines

Get the full details on our requirements for income, down payments, and purchase prices for purchases and refinances. This PDF overview also details your finder fee and documentation requirements.



Ready to Get Started?

Got a client who might benefit from our program? Simply use the 30 Second HPP Pre-Screen to check.

If your client passes the pre-screen, simply forward the mortgage application and credit bureau to and we’ll get a pre-approval decision back to you within 48 hours.