Bonuses for Real Estate Investments Club (Feb 2013)

Thank you for joining me at the Real Estate Investments Club meeting on February 6th, 2013. I hope you enjoyed my presentation on Rent to Own investing and find this strategy useful in your journey to create more wealth!

As promised, here are the 7 bonus items from my presentation:

1. 14 Part Investor Video Series


2. PDF of The Presentation Slides


3. 3 Real Deal Samples


4.Screening Checklist


5. Template Legal Agreements


6.Access to RTO Insiders List

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 7.Free 30min Investor Consultation

If you would like to take me up on my offer for a free 30 minute consultation on Rent to Own investing, you can send me email at and we’ll arrange a time.

Maybe you are just trying to figure out if RTO is a strategy that makes sense for you? 
Maybe you are interested in investing in one of my deals through Ownership Solutions?
Maybe you just want some guidance in putting together your first deal on your own?

Whatever the case, I am happy to help you get started. Just send me a quick email letting me know a convenient time  you’ll be free for 30min and we’ll go from there. We can chat by phone, or if you’d prefer we can meet in person in Downtown Toronto and I’ll even buy you a coffee.

To Your Happiness & Success,

Andrew C. MacDonald