Ownership Solutions takes the “win-win” philosophy to heart and we really put an emphasis on making sure each and every one of our deals is designed to benefit all parties involved. As a result, many of the people we’ve worked with end up having great things to say about their experience. This page is a collection of feedback from happy homeowner clients, Realtors, mortgage professionals, and investors we thought you might be interested in seeing before deciding whether to work with Ownership Solutions.

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Happy Clients

“It’s definitely something I’d recommend. Absolutely.”

“My credit wasn’t great and I really wanted a place that we could move in and build some equity right away.”

“It was wonderful [working with Ownership Solutions]. It was a leap of faith and took some trust but in the end it worked out well and Andrew did everything he could to accommodate us.”

“It’s definitely something I’d recommend. Absolutely.”

Anita & Frank
Homeowner Prep Program Clients, London, ON


“There should be more people like you in this world.”

brenda“Hello Andrew, thank you very much for all the hard work you put into helping me get back on my  feet. You are one of a kind. There should be more people like you in this world. It would be a better place.

God bless you always. My friend.

Thanks for the gift cards. I was very surprise cause you have done more than enough.

Thank you again,”

Brenda K.
Homeowner Prep Program Client, Scarborough, ON


“A good opportunity for someone to establish themselves right away”

brenda“We worked with Ownership Solutions [when relocating to Ontario] because we had a property back in Winnipeg we couldn’t sell in time. We went with this channel because of the children we have – we need the space. We worked with Andrew so he could arrange this for us and we are very happy.”

“I think [the Homeowner Prep Program] is a good opportunity for someone to establish themselves right away. This is a faster way to own a house if you have any problems to get a house as soon as possible. I think this is a good solution.”

“Andrew we thank you very much and are happy to work with you and your company. God willing we can bring you more clients”

Kadim & Suzan
Homeowner Prep Program Clients, London, ON


Ownership Solutions was THE solution.

steve“My credit wasn’t good enough for a proper mortgage so I needed to go private or have help, and Ownership Solutions was the solution.

I was surprised how easy things were. It was basically email back and forth and it was done in just over a month.”

Steve & Jullianne
Homeowner Prep Program Clients, Port Perry, ON


Nice to be treated like a person rather than a dollar sign

todd“Our current financial situation wasn’t the greatest, but we saw the ad online and it seemed promising so we decided to go from there.

I thought it went really good, all of our questions, all our concerns, everything was answered in a timely manner. If there was something, it didn’t matter what time of day, if we had a question it was answered always to our satisfaction.

It was nice to feel not like a dollar sign, but more like a person. It just had a real personal feel to it which was nice.

I would definitely recommend [Ownership Solutions] to any family or friends… I have nothing but good things to say about it.”

Todd & Sharon
Homeowner Prep Program Clients, London, ON


“It’s all about the people that make it happen.”

todd“In the beginning when I wanted to buy a house I didn’t have any credit. Not bad credit, not good credit, just no credit, and then I worked on building it. Then I had not a bad score, but I didn’t have a running (credit) history.”

“It (the process) was easy, the people that were all involved were wonderful, it was a great team. I just couldn’t be more happy. It went smooth and I never had to worry about anything.”

“It’s all about the people that make it happen. I am totally convinced your business is great, you are great, and everything about it is great. People will try to talk you out of it, but I had no bad experience whatsoever… none. Thank You Andrew.”

Leslie T.
Homeowner Prep Program Client, Orillia, ON


“No words can express our gratitude.”

Rick & Loretta“We looked into [Ownership Solutions] based on our past history. We had a business and that failed, so due to our credit we needed to go into a rent to own.”

“Considering working with Ownership Solutions? I would say do it. It’s great. It was really great working with Andrew. It was a very easy and open door process.”

“Having lost everything we had, this opportunity to own our own home again is just unimaginable. No words can express our gratitude.”

Rick & Loretta
Homeowner Prep Program Clients, London, ON


Now a happy camper

gord“I am truly so happy with our arrangement and all you have done for me. Thanks again”

Gord B.
Homeowner Prep Program Client, Oshawa, ON


Grateful for a second chance

romeo“After some credit trouble in the past, I thought paying cash was the best way to go but found myself being turned down for a mortgage and am glad we found you.

Thanks for your consideration and giving us a second chance to buy our own place”

Romeo M.
Homeowner Prep Program Client, Hamilton, ON


Thank you letter from professional clients in Waterloo, ON

“We’ve been meaning to email you since we last saw one another, but what with the move, things have been very busy as you can imagine. We’re in though, and getting a bit more settled every day. 

Thank you so much for your thoughtful card and gift. We now have some extra incentive to take some time and go out to celebrate being in the new house!

We greatly appreciate everything that you’ve done to help us come closer to being home owners. Your willingness to work with us and your professionalism and thoroughness throughout the process made it a great pleasure to deal with you.

We look forward to working with you in the future.


Roger & Kelly
Homeowner Prep Program Clients, Waterloo, ON


Real Estate Professionals

Standing above the rest!

steve“There is no question that you are standing above the rest, Andrew. Both in your professionalism and new improvements such as the BBB. You need to shout it out from the rooftops and promote the hell out of it.”

Steve Clark, AMP
Mortgage Agent, Mortgage Sense Inc., Barrie, ON


“They put the best interests of my clients first.”

andrew“When I’m unable to find a traditional or even a private mortgage lender to provide funding for my clients, I often refer them to Andrew at Ownership Solutions as an alternative. There are many rent to own companies out there, but few who really understand mortgage guidelines and use that knowledge to position clients for success. The simple reason I feel comfortable recommending the Ownership Solutions program is that they put the best interests of my clients first. 

Andrew’s detailed and professional approach to the rent to own business gives me peace of mind that my clients are in good hands, and confidence that they’ll return to me to arrange their mortgage a couple of years down the road once they’ve completed their program. 

Aside from the confusion of having the same name, working with ‘the other Andrew’ has been a great experience and he is someone I am glad to have in my network as an alternate source of financing when clients are declined by other lenders.”

Andrew Roper, AMP
Mortgage Professional, Dominion Lending Centres, Toronto, ON


“I know your integrity and honesty will lead them in the right path towards achieving their goal. Period.”

naushy“Andrew, what can I say.  You are a true professional, with integrity, honesty, and genuine commitment to seeing your clients at Ownership Solutions excel.  In this business, I come across many people looking to do rent-to-owns but you are definitely the one I feel comfortable referring a client to….. whether it is a tenant-buyer or investor.  The reason is I know your integrity and honesty will lead them in the right path towards achieving their goal.  Period.  Can’t wait to do more deals with you!”

Naushy Saeed
Mortgage Agent, Mortgage Intelligence
Realtor, Right at Home Realty, Mississauga, ON


“With mortgage guidelines tightening up across the board rent to own programs have gone from niche products to almost a go to service for a lot of clients.

miki“Being a mortgage broker too many times are we faced with a variety of obstacles – most of which result in the needed collaboration with another professional in order to service our clients as best we can.  With mortgage guidelines tightening up across the board rent to own programs have gone from niche products to almost a go to service for a lot of clients.  

One amongst many things that separate Ownership Solutions from the rest is the meticulous work ethic that President and founder Andrew MacDonald brings to the table.  When time is of the essence and efficient due process is a must most professionals panic and even sometimes crumble under the pressure; MOST but not Andrew and the team over at Ownership Solutions.  With their hands on pragmatic approach to both looking out for the client and their client source they make sure everyone truly benefits from each transaction.  Kudos and keep up the good work!”

Miki Furman
Mortgage Agent, Syndicate Mortgages Inc., Toronto, ON


Ownership Solutions fills the gap

aroach“With tightening mortgage guidelines, the need for alternative financing solutions is growing. Ownership Solutions fills the gap where most mortgage professionals are unable to offer their clients financing.

Andrew’s team does a stellar job setting clients up for success through their Homeowner Prep Program and can often provide funding when banks/monolines, alternate lenders and even private lenders are turning down mortgage applicants. For clients who struggle to qualify for financing due to credit concerns, I highly recommend taking a look at what Andrew and his team might be able to do to help you and your clients.”

Andrew Roach
Mortgage Agent, Dominion Lending Centres, Milton, ON


Easily a cut above the competitors

chris“The service provided by Andrew at Ownership Solutions is exceptional. Knowledgeable, committed and truly professional, his sincere work ethic and extensive experience empowers both his clients and investors to make the right choice! He is easily a cut above the competitors.

Christopher Lim
Mortgage Agent, Dominion Lending Centres, Brampton, ON


Ownership Solutions helps clients who can’t qualify for mortgages on their own

rebecca“Thanks Andrew! and it is investors like you that help with home ownership when it is hard for people to qualify for mortgages on their own. Looking forward to doing more business with you in the future. Congratulations!!”

Rebecca McGarvey
Realtor, RE/MAX, Oshawa, ON


“Ownership Solutions are by far the most skilled, experienced and detailed in their approach.”

oliver“When it comes to all things rent to own, Andrew and Ownership Solutions are by far the most skilled, experienced and detailed in their approach. His win-win philosophy shines through with every experience that I, and I’m sure many others, have had with him.

As Andrew’s consultant and mentor, I’ve seen large shifts in Andrew and his commitment to continually evolving. His relentless dedication to improving the quality of his service and his genuine care and pride for every detail, large and small is absolutely impressive.

As an investor, working with Ownership Solutions has been rewarding. The combination of both the financial returns and being part of an investment vehicle that simultaneously helps people in the end makes it even better.

As someone who has years of experience in this field, I can say for certain that Andrew’s Homeowner Prep Program is by far the most thorough and forward thinking. They lay out a vision for their clients, investors and all professionals involved, that is comprehensive, achievable and beneficial to all who take part in it.

Whether you’re considering rent to own as an investment, as a means to achieve homeownership or as an alternative to offer clients to achieve homeownership, I highly recommend you take a closer look at what Andrew and Ownership Solutions are doing – you will see exactly what I mean!”

Oliver Manalese
Realtor, iPro Realty
Executive Performance Consultant
Real Estate Investor
Mississauga, ON


Great, hardworking, honest and genuine.

trudi“I met Andrew a few years ago fresh out of college and eager to ask as many questions about real estate as he could think of. Then he began his rapid rise to the top of the Rent To Own business. He still strives for perfection, has a crazy drive to always learn more, BUT what I truly admire above all of this is his genuine passion and care for all of his clients and partners. One would be so lucky to purchase a property with Andrew.”

“I know if I ever want to find a great, hardworking honest and genuine great partner it would be Andrew C. MacDonald. Wow!!”

Trudi Johnston
Realtor, RE/MAX, Toronto, ON


“I learned more about truly helping people through rent to own”

larry“I learned more about truly helping people through rent to own by working with Andrew and Miki to get one of our clients in a home within a short time frame. When the original mortgage financing for the client fell through right before closing this turned out to be the solution that saved the deal. Ownership Solutions’ professionalism was immaculate yet they always maintained a warm and approachable relationship with our client throughout the transaction. I found they made the rent to own process very understandable, and the sense of urgency required to meet a tight timeline was incredible. It was an honour to work with both of you!”

Larry Vinogradsky
Realtor, Arc Realty, Toronto, ON


Keeping Rent to Own WIN-WIN

erwin“Not all rent to own deals are created equal, and there are few people I would be willing to provide an endorsement for in this field. However, I would confidently recommend working with Ownership Solutions based on the simple fact that they do a great job of keeping every deal WIN-WIN.

Andrew’s background in the financial industry gives him an understanding of what is required for each client to actually qualify for the mortgage they’ll need at the end of their rent to own deal and structure a winning program accordingly. Ownership Solutions often ends up with higher monthly pricing for the tenant-buyer compared with other companies, but they are more conservative on the future purchase price which benefits everyone at the end of the day. As with many things in life, you often get what you pay for.”

Erwin Szeto a.k.a. “Mr. Hamilton”
Realtor, Rock Star Real Estate, Hamilton, ON


Authority in the Rent to Own Field

dave“When it comes to Rent to Own and Real Estate, Andrew is a true professional and authority in the field.

Andrew creates Win/Win situations in his deals, provided unbelievable service to his tenants and investors. 

Andrew will do whatever it takes to get a deal done, his work ethic is truly incredible, as I have witnessed him work day and night to solve a problem. 

Working with Andrew and Ownership Solutions was a pleasure and I look forward to working with Andrew again.”

Dave Giovanniello
Realtor, Century 21, London, ON


“Ownership Solutions should be your first choice if the bank said NO”.

tanya“We have known Andrew for over 5 years. During that time we have seen him grow in knowledge and confidence. He continues to inspire us with his legitimately creative ways of helping people buy homes through his Rent-to-Own programs.

His company “Ownership Solutions” should be your first choice if the bank said NO. We’re convinced that working with Andrew and his Team, that home ownership is possible for anyone.”

Marco & Tanya Santoro
Realtor Team, RE/MAX, Cambridge, ON


“Andrew made the whole process very friendly and personal”.

joyce“Working with Andrew was a real pleasure. He is very detail oriented and flexible, co-ordinating with not only myself but investors and Leslie who wished to purchase the house.

I really didn’t know what to expect, having never worked with rent to own before. Andrew answered all of my questions very honestly giving me a clear view of what was expected of me and how things worked for my buyer. He made sure all of the paperwork stayed on track between the interested parties, personally attended the home inspection and was there to give Leslie her keys at the end. Always available by phone or email, Andrew made the whole process very friendly and personal.

Andrew’s professionalism instills confidence in those who work with him. I highly recommend Andrew and Ownership Solutions to anyone thinking of rent to own.

Thank you Andrew!”

Joyce Delong
Realtor, EXIT Realty, Barrie, ON


Even listing agents on the other side of the transaction are happy to work with Ownership Solutions!


“I want to say it was a pleasure working with you. Lawreta is getting settled in, and is very happy everything is done.”

Penny Oates
Realtor, Century 21, Scarborough, ON



“The knowledge and ethical standard that Andrew upholds is what makes him the best in the industry.”

dan“As a teacher and a mentor Andrew is the ideal candidate for any up and coming investor. His Rent To Own Apprenticeship Program (RTOAP) clearly explains every step of the process and what it takes to create your own successful transaction. A core value throughout Andrew’s teachings and business is the WIN-WIN-WIN principle. This principle ensures the client wins, the investor wins, and you win whenever you create a rent to own deal.

The knowledge and ethical standard that Andrew upholds is what makes him the best in the industry. Not only are you learning from an expert but you’re also learning from someone who cares and seeks to make a difference through investment.”

Daniel Hussey
Owner, DHussey Properties, Waterloo, ON


“One of the few real estate mentors that I know to be 100% genuine, under-promises and over-delivers.”

joseann“Being mentored by Andrew has been an awesome experience. All of my questions were answered in a detailed and timely manner. Performance feedback was given on a weekly basis and as needed. He is one of the few real estate mentors that I know to be 100% genuine, under-promises and over-delivers. The knowledge, resources and hands on experience that he provides are above the rest!

Working with Andrew has taught me that integrity, efficiency and professionalism is just as important as the knowledge needed for creating a successful business. You will never have an ounce of doubt when working with Ownership Solutions.

Looking forward to doing more deals in the future.”

Jose-Ann D.
Registered Practical Nurse & Real Estate Investor, Toronto, ON


Rent to Own can be done with honesty and integrity with the ultimate goal of truly helping people!

kim“Throughout the program, you taught me enough to convince my husband that Rent-to-own isn’t like used-car sales. In our years of investing in real estate, this is one aspect that held us back from exploring it as an option. You proved to me that it could be done with honesty and integrity, with an ultimate goal to truly help people. This is how we continue to approach it today and it’s not an aspect we’re willing to negotiate on. Had you not been able to do this, we wouldn’t have continued with rent-to-own let alone completed the program!

Thank you again, Andrew.”

Kim Morrison
Owner, FixRentProfit.com, Ottawa, ON


“The RTOAP is top class with respect to teaching the material and supporting your personal growth.”

tom“Andrew and the Ownership Solutions team provide a tremendous amount of value, expertise, and support throughout the Rent to Own Apprentice Program. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to learn the rent to own business work under the tutelage of Andrew and the Ownership Solutions team. You’ll learn what it takes to set up your first rent to own deal faster than you thought possible in a hands on, no nonsense way. I’ve taken a lot of courses over the years at various institutions, for various purposes, and using various platforms and I’m confident in saying that the RTOAP is top class with respect to teaching the material and supporting your personal growth.

Tom E.
Real Estate Investor, Kitchener, ON


No more fear!

jennifer“The course did a good job of demystifying the opportunities, risk and the process. Well done!”

“No fear [about real estate investing] any longer. The course helped me understand the numbers.”

“After seeing the care you take in your deals, I’d highly recommend your company for both renters and investors.”

Jennifer K.
Director of Marketing, Toronto, ON


“I built up skills to the point where I can confidently take on real estate deals by myself”

dejan“Ownership Solutions’ Rent-to-Own Apprentice Program introduced me to new opportunities I did not know were available. Andrew’s teaching style is clear and concise and he is always guiding apprentices toward their goals.

I built up skills to the point where I can confidently take on real estate deals by myself and as a student, this means a lot. I would recommend this program to anyone seeking a great opportunity to help others achieve their goals while building a career where they are boss.”

Dejan E.
Research Assistant, Toronto, ON


“You’ve given me a wonderful platform to restart my dreams”

adam“The education opportunity from your program is obvious, and this knowledge is creating some very positive results in my life. The old motivation I used to feel for real estate is back, and it is a great feeling. Hopefully with some new actions and being a bit more mature, it is here to stay.

Changes such as taking on an accountability partner, being more routine, and goal setting are now being integrated into my life. It will be a process, but I’ve already made big strides since August. The trigger for this change was your program.

The future is undecided, but you’ve given me a wonderful platform to restart my dreams of that house on the water. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience and providing me with an avenue/spark to get started up again

Onwards and upwards,”

Adam B.
Real Estate Investor, Brampton, ON


“You will learn more about Rent to Own here than any other course out there”

“This was a great program. you are on to something good. 

You will learn more about Rent to own here than any other course out there. With the hands on tools such as scripts, canned responses to clients and pricing tools this program deserves an A+”

Patrick Z.
Liberterra Properties Inc., Milton, ON



We help investors get started (or continue) with their dreams of investing in real estate

keith-lucia“Through working with Andrew MacDonald at Ownership Solutions, we have moved forward in our plan/dream to invest in real estate.

We researched (A LOT) into rent to own, and then we discovered Andrew and Ownership Solutions. Andrew has a depth of knowledge and he is an amazing communicator. Once we started working with him, he demonstrated thoroughness and attention to detail.

We plan on continuing to work with Andrew for many years to come. Our only regret is that we did not meet him sooner.”

Keith & Lucia
Real Estate Investors, Toronto, ON


Repeat business is proof that investors enjoy working with Ownership Solutions and the solid deals we put together.


“I am happy to have worked with Andrew and to once again help a deserving family get what it is in life they want. Everyone goes through rough spots in their life. It feels great to be able to help them get back on track. Thanks again Andrew”

“Our company has worked on 2 recent real estate deals with Andrew and the Ownership Solution Team. Andrew is a very professional and educated individual. Andrew takes pride in helping his clients get what it is they seek out of their investments. I would recommend personally Andrew and his company to anyone and look forward to many more deals and other projects with Andrew.”

Wayne D.
Real Estate Investor, Milton, ON


A rich learning experience to do business with Ownership Solutions


“I was lucky to be referred to Andrew MacDonald to work with him as an investor in the Ownership Solutions rent to own program. I have witnessed both his integrity, and impeccable diligence and analysis of deals.

I felt so comfortable working with him that I went for my second deal within the first year and I look forward to continue working with Andrew. He’s honest, fair and knowledgeable. It’s a pleasure and a rich learning experience to do business with him and Ownership Solutions.”

Milagro P.
Real Estate Investor, Ottawa, ON


“A source of wisdom and knowledge in both financial analysis and real estate investing.”

yan“Andrew is a remarkable talent when it comes to investment analytics. In our long years knowing each other he has consistently been a source of wisdom and knowledge in both financial analysis and real estate investing. With solid bases in each already acquired, Andrew still strives each day educating his self in off time never ceasing to learn.”

Yan Ohayon
Co-Founder and President Education Services LLC, Montreal, ON


Dependability and trustworthiness

pavel“Andrew has an extensive entrepreneurial and finance background, his dependability and trustworthiness makes him a great person to work with.”

Pavel Tchourliaev
Partner at Hub Nest, Toronto, ON


Other Endorsements

“Clearly one of the few people I will say CARES about his investors, tenants”

joey“Andrew is a driven entrepreneur. His attention to detail and completing anything he puts his mind to is second to none. I’ve been able to work with Andrew at different stages of his business and have seen the care and effort he puts forth in delivering pure value to his customers.

Andrew is clearly one of the few people I will say CARES about his investors, tenants, etc… it’s a quality that one believes in their heart and mind.”

Joey Ragona
Business Growth Strategist & Personal Consultant for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners at Strategic Business Academy, Oakville, ON