The Rent to Own Apprenticeship Program [RTOAP]

Looking for an opportunity to learn real estate (hands-on) while you earn (on a per-deal basis)? Well, here you are:


After starting out in real estate investing to create more wealth for myself and others, I quickly started to look for a method of investing that would provide more cash flow to accelerate my accumulation of passive income. At the time I really wanted to leave my job and become a full-time real estate investor, but needed more cash flow to make that a reality. After considering both student rentals and rent to own investing, I decided on rent to own since the bulk of the work could be done upfront and then the investment would become relatively passive.

The question then turned to one of the most common questions that people have when beginning on a new endeavour: “how do I get started?

Fortunately at the time, I saw a post from my friend Oliver on Facebook offering a pilot program for his new rent to own training. He was already doing several RTO deals per year and was looking for a “guinea pig” to go through his training program and provide feedback so he and his partner Chris could package this into a more formal course and teach others the rent to own investing model. Me being a detail-oriented guy meant he would get the feedback he needed, and at the same time I would get the hands-on education and mentoring I needed to tackle my first rent to own deal.

Starting out in the program, the objective was to see if someone totally new to this could complete their first rent to own transaction in 6 weeks. I didn’t even think I could do it, but sure enough the system worked quite well and I closed on my first ever rent to own property in less than 6 weeks. This was simply the power of having an experienced mentor, a good system to follow, and my willingness to stick to that proven system.

At this point I’d like to extend a similar offer to YOU.


Within a year of completing my first rent to own transaction I had built enough passive income to give me the confidence to leave my full-time job in the banking industry and become a full-time real estate investor. Over the past year I’ve been busy building Ownership Solutions, putting together win-win deals for other investors, and to be honest have been getting quite busy managing it all.

Now, the main reason most of us pursue real estate investing is to build more passive income or work toward financial freedom so we can enjoy our ideal lifestyle. To me, this includes spending more time with friends and family and at this point I could use some help with my business so I can do more of that. Instead of hiring an assistant to help me attract and followup with leads, I figured why not make this a greater win-win and pay forward the valuable education and guidance I received when I first started out in tenant-first rent to own investing?

I couldn’t think of a good reason why not, so the idea for this apprenticeship was born.

What’s In It For You?

  • Learn hands-on by putting together real rent to own opportunities
  • Earn (on a per-deal basis) instead of spending thousands of dollars for theoretical training
  • Understand a proven system that can help you build passive income

What’s In it For Me?

  • Help handling leads for Ownership Solutions direct to consumer channel
  • More time to focus my own efforts on growing our business
  • Feedback and ideas for improving how we do things
  • More opportunities for our investors if you aren’t able to close yourself


  • No capital required
  • You live in Southern Ontario
  • You have a vision for why you want passive income
  • You value expertise, guidance and proven systems
  • You understand the win-win nature of rent to own when done right
  • You are decisive and take initiative
  • You are responsible and trustworthy
  • You are pleasant and friendly to work with
  • You like to celebrate your wins
  • You are flexible enough to deal with clients at mutually convenient times
  • You are willing and able to commit at least 5-10 hours per week to this opportunity

Schedule of Weekly Webinars

The plan at the moment is that this will be a one-time program conducted through a series of weekly webinars with homework for you to complete each week. Rather than overwhelming you with too much information all at once, we’ve created the following schedule for the program which will walk you through everything you need to tackle your first rent to own transaction (on your own, or with our help):

Week 1 – Tuesday August 6th (8pm – 9pm)
Introduction & Lead Generation

In the first weekly webinar we’ll cover a brief introduction which will include the basics of rent to own, various compensation structures for your first deal, and what to expect out of this apprenticeship program. We’ll then move straight into the hands-on learning with some basic lead generation techniques and some homework to help you get started on generating, tracking, and following up with your first rent to own leads.

Week 2 – Tuesday August 13th (8pm – 9pm)
Applications & Screening

In the second weekly webinar we’ll be covering applications and client screenings. You’ll learn which information is critical to have in order to make a quick decision (10 seconds or less) on whether you should bother pursuing a lead or move on to finding a more qualified prospect. We’ll also have a Q&A session to address any questions arising from your week 1 homework and to review any “live” deals you might have on the go.

Week 3 – Tuesday August 20th (8pm – 9pm)
Credit Basics & Client Due Diligence

Before we can put together pricing and pre-approvals for prospective clients, we need to understand credit basics and how to complete client due diligence. In the third weekly webinar we will cover both of these topics as a foundation for putting together win-win rent to own transactions. We will also have another Q&A session to cover any questions that have come up over the first 2 weeks of the program and review your “live” deals.

Week 4 – *Monday* August 26th (8pm – 9pm) – to accomodate REIN meeting
Pricing & Pre-Approvals

The fourth webinar will be held on a Monday to accomodate the Tuesday REIN meeting being held this week. In this webinar we will cover the most technical topic which is how to price your rent to own deals to ensure they are a win-win for everyone involved. We’ll also cover the topic of pre-approvals which are a precursor to getting your client out shopping for a home of their choice. Again, we’ll have a brief Q&A session to take up your questions and provide the support you’ll need to put together your first rent to own deal.

Week 5 – Tuesday September 3rd (8pm – 9pm)
Agreements & Client Commitment

In the fifth weekly webinar we’ll return from the Labour Day long weekend to cover the legal agreements and client commitment stage of the rent to own transaction. We’ll discuss the legal structure of the deal, go over template legal agreements, and cover the steps needed to get your client committed to the deal including collecting an upfront deposit. This time we’ll also have a Q&A with a little more time to cover questions on pricing, anything that has come up for you over the previous weeks as you work through this program, and some time to review deals you’re working on.

Week 6 – Tuesday September 10th (8pm – 9pm)
Finding the Home, Offers, & Property Due Diligence

Our sixth weekly webinar will cover how to find “home sweet home” for your client, how to work through the offer process, the steps you’ll need to take to complete your due diligence on the property and the final steps with your clients before going firm on your deal. We’ll host another Q&A session to wrap things up and make sure you have the clarity you need to work through the rent to own process on your own.

Week 7 – *Wednesday* September 18th (8pm – 9pm) 
Special Guest & Extended Q&A

Our final session will include a special guest presenter to give you some momentum as you complete the apprentice program and start working on your own deals. This presentation will be followed by an extended Q&A session, and perhaps another lesson in between if there are some common questions around a certain topic as we go through the program. We can review any deals you’re working with as a group so everyone gets a sense of the type of “live deals” other investors are working with.

The Contest

For those of you who’ve seen the TV show “The Apprentice” you’ll know that each week the team would meet in the boardroom and someone would be fired by The Donald at the end of each episode. My intention isn’t to fire anyone from the program, but rather to help anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort to create their own success out of this opportunity.

Over the duration of the Rent to Own Apprenticeship Program [RTOAP] I’ll be able to interact with you one-on-one outside of the webinar trainings, provide some additional guidance, and see how you are progressing with your first rent to own deal. You’ll get a sense of whether rent to own is really something you’d like to do as a real estate investor, and I’ll get a sense of whether you’re someone I’d really like to work with.

The contest prize at the end of the day, if you want it, will be to take on the direct client channel at Ownership Solutions. As of the creation of this program we are #2 on Google for “Rent to Own”, run a Google AdWords campaign, have various referral partners, and run some online classified ads of our own that together have generated over 1,200 leads in the first half of 2013. This is why we need some help, and managing our direct client channel is available for the right apprentice who proves themselves through this program.

Either way, you will have the opportunity to learn the same system of real estate investing that I’ve used to generate tens of thousands of passive income per year, and a system that has ultimately allowed me to quit my job and pursue my dream of becoming a full-time real estate investor.


The only cost of this program is your time, and the first thing you’ll need to do if you want “in” is to spend a few minutes to complete the application below. That’s it. There will be no charge, no upsell, no B.S…